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Conservation Clean-Up Days

I feel that scheduled conservation area clean-up days are imperative to wildlife habit and their health. Basically, leave the area the way God made it….clean. All too often we take trips down to the river and there are glass bottles either floating in the river or half buried in the sand, which pose a threat to any child or adult for that matter wanting to swim or enjoy their afternoon only to be interrupted by a cut foot. With conservation clean-up days some if not most of these incidents can be prevented. Invite local community leaders and fellow neighbors and friends to the cleanup. Make a schedule of what sections would be cleaned on what days and have make up days for intermittent weather and notify FWC or your local fish and game commission, I’m sure they would partake and be glad to give pointers and educate. With such small budgets, the Florida game and fish commissions and forestry departments can only source so much help, that is where we as a community should step in and give a hand in preserving that land we enjoy dog hunting on, still hunting, camping, and fishing from. I don’t know about you but it always turns my stomach when I see trash scattered all in the woods like someone was too lazy to take something to the local dump. With a mass group, these cleanups wouldn’t take much time especially when the land is sectioned up day by day. Just as with everything these days, use social media to get groups together to possibly do county-wide cleanups or get your hunting party involved. Just because we harvest the land for food doesn’t mean we should lose sight of the responsibility of caring for the land and the habits therein. So roll up your sleeves and get dirty for a clean conservation cause!

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