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Put The Cell phone Down!

All too often we are drawn in too much to our cellphones, wether it’s checking Facebook or checking sports scores. I remember when there weren’t cell phones and how families would go on camping trips together, or just enjoy an afternoon of fishing with your loved ones. Some of my fondest memories were growing up on Escambia river and a lot of mornings before dad would have to be at work or I would have to be at school we would go check and bait trout lines, and when he would get home that afternoon we would go again to check and bait it up again. When your children grow up what memories will they have? Surely hope it’s not a summer full of sitting on a phone or video games. Make it a point no matter how busy you think your schedule may be to take your loved ones on their first hunting, fishing, or camping trip, and many more after. I can remember my first hunting trip was with my grandaddy, we sat all evening together in a shooting house laughing and cutting up and later that afternoon we killed a turkey, he later had a necklace made of the bullet we shot the turkey with. I Also remember how I learned how to swim, with dad throwing me out of the boat on the river. And I can’t forget that dad taught me how to flip the end of a fly rod to make it swirl right to the spot you think those bream are laying. These trips also play vital roles of communication between family, as a time to sit and talk while wetting a worm or sitting around a campfire. Time flies too awful fast and you look back and wish you would’ve taken more trips to the woods and water as a family or with friends, so enjoy what the good Lord provided us with and enjoy the outdoors and put down the phone.

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