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Scenario-based Training

Scenario-based training is, in my opinion, the best ways to train. It enables you to build a muscle memory for things that could possibly arise. All too often when the unexpected happens, people usually panic or freeze and not know how to handle the situation at hand. With scenario-based training with repetition, the brain will act without thinking should such event arise. It’s always a good idea to train ahead for these types of scenarios with your family just as you should train for natural disasters you should also train for situations such as a “break-in” while you are home. Give each and every family member that resides in the home particular instructions. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have code words amongst your family members. Just as you are taught to use a mattress for cover during a tornado, it is also smart to go over instructions with the family such as for children, hiding spaces or calling the police while the intrusion is occurring. With family being the number one priority, it is imperative to train and teach all family members firearms safety and scenario-based training. It is also beneficial to you and your loved ones to stay observant of their surroundings such as paying attention to what vehicles pass by the house and what manner were they driving by. Were they driving slow as to creep by to scope out the house? If so train yourself and family to notice the color of the vehicle, any dents, dings, or scratches, if possible get the tag number if you catch a glimpse, or what did the occupants of the vehicle look like.  You may also get your neighbors involved in such scenarios, pick out certain porch lights, possibly color coordinate the bulb and discuss with your neighbor that if this light is on then there may be trouble. Also in my opinion pets such as dogs or guineafowl are also deterrents in some instances due to the fact the dog or guineafowl will alert if they see something or hear something out of the ordinary.

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